TIE-UPS: Il cashmere della plastica!

Tie-ups is the company that wanted to revolutionize completely the concept of “belt”, which has always been thought of as a leather product. An intensive study of possible alternative materials to find what suited this purpose is what made Tie-Ups a such successfull products.

Design, lightness, strength and finishing: these had to be the requirements of the new Tie-Ups product. All features that are constituted with polycarbonate for the buckle and the termoplasticoelastomerico for the belt.


Tie-ups is a high quality fashion accessory designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. All the pieces that make up the Tie-ups belt, including the elegant transparent packaging, are treated in detail from a design point of view. In addition, the materials with which it is made tie-ups make it a safe product: it is non-allergenic and antibacterial. They are tensile and torsion-resistant materials, and totally waterproof, which guarantees a long life of the product over time. Tie-ups is finally also an environmentally friendly product as it does not use animal materials. 100% eco-compatible: all its components are completely recyclable and do not leave residues in the environment.


Research, experimentation and invention are the keys to understanding a brand created about 10 years ago from a strong and courageous idea. Tie-Ups born from the shared vision of its founders to give new life to an accessory that already existed, but whose features were firmly linked to an artisan tradition poor of innovation. United by a common passion for fashion, Alberto Vanin and Moreno Ferracin gave life Tie-Ups, belts 100% made in Italy, colorful and eco-friendly, lightweight, strong and finished with care, the result of careful research in the field of materials.

Thanks to the design, originality and quality, the Tie-Ups belts imposed rapidly among both fashion addicts and among the accessory lovers, with wide distribution in Italy and abroad, where it does not escape the watchful eye of trendsetters in Asian and Arab countries market, US and Europe.

Tie-Ups is a way to express your personality and your own original style through design, colors and details.

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