Racconti olfattivi by Alessi

Alessi approaches a new market: the sector of home fragrances. The basis is obviously the original design, combined with the desire to develop a high quality fragrance.

We had already the possibility to meet and fall in love with THE FIVE SEASONS, this the name of the collection, in the past exhibitions dedicated to the house and we were immediately attracted by the concept, which takes you into the world of home fragrances, declining it in the philosophy of the brand, or using the design to convey emotions that involve your senses: “the shapes gratify the sight, the natural materials satisfy the touch and the scented essences are dedicated to the most ancient sense: smell”, explains Alberto Alessi.

Our customers immediately loved the strong graphic and scenic impact of the collection in shop: even the packaging is in fact engaging and fabulous, dreamlike and explanatory. But what is most irresistible is the display tester, extremely engaging: 5 precious glass bells with a bee-shaped knob follow each other to allow you to appreciate the olfactory notes of the different fragrances.

The stylistic and visionary touch of Marcel Wandres is evident. “This collection invites us to discover the immensity of nature and to welcome its spirit within our home”, these are the words of the Dutch designer, who continues “In nature, the approach of the seasons follows the perfection of our life cycle: this is why we have created fragrances capable of speaking to our soul and of involving ourselves in a transcendent and transformative way “.

The collection consists of leaves diffusers and candles, spray nebulizers and lava stone diffusers, as well as some additional accessories, such as the candle-cap holder for bottles Smack or the Bzzz candle extinguishers, which become special gifts when you are looking for an original and unique idea.

The leaf diffusers are undoubtedly the cornerstone of the collection, made of mahogany sapelli, chosen for its porosity and warm color that enhances the shapes of the design. Only 3 leaves come into contact with the perfume: for a more intense diffusion it is possible to exchange the position of the elements. The fact that the base is round is not a casuality: with a slight touch of the hand you can rotate allowing the air to circulate between the leaves and spread a more intense essence in the room.

The candles are produced in vegetable wax made in Italy, without any animal origin components, with a cotton linen wick. The heart is enclosed in a porcelain container, white or black depending on the fragrance, with a decorated ash wood cover produced by the artisans of the Strona Valley. Two measures proposed: from 250gr and 600gr, for a duration of about 40 hours.

The spray nebulizer is something unique, which immediately evokes the femininity of ancient rituals, in which the precious essence was enclosed in glass ampoules.

The lava stone diffuser is reserved for the Shhh fragrance: a small ash wood tray that holds a black lava stone lapillus from Sardinia and a dropper of essential oil… Almost a spiritual mise-en-scène!

The fragrances presented are 5 and each of them has a name that inspires an emotion and a precise reaction:

– BRRR (winter), ripe and fresh scent with hints of bergamot, lily of the valley and musk;
– AHHH (spring) young and delicate, with notes of cardamom, hyacinth and vetiver;
– HMM (summer) vibrant and warm, like a bouquet of figs, red fruits and woody notes;
– GRRR (autumn) complex, dense, with a mix of incense, cedar woods and tree moss;
– SHHH (special) mysterious, spiritual, with eucalyptus, rose and patchouly accents.


The stylistic and visionary side of Marcel Wandres combined with the Alessi philosophy.

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