Yellow is in the air



The 8th March is going to be the Women’s Day, and which better color than yellow to focus on? Yellow has always been the happiness color, and will certainly give liveliness and joy to all your outfit!

From the sun till fruits and flowers, yellow inspires us with positive emotions.

Present in all the new 2017 spring summer collections, in fulll color or mixed in other patterns with black or other colors, in simple shirts or elegant dresses. This is the case of Pinko’s dress (in the picture on the right), perfect for an important occasion, longer behind, with this wonderful pleated long skirt and the crossing on the back. Every detail will highlight your femininity with glamour and style.

The extra touch? The yellow glass See Concept, that you can find in yellow and many other colors in our Arteni shop in Tavagnacco.

If generally speaking you choose neutral colors for your shopping, this is the right year for changing habitudes and idea, experiencing how positively your day can become better just wearing something colorfull for your work. If you think about it, yellow is usually matched with the physical and mental power as with the knowledge. Many articles suggest also that yellow helps improving concentration and extroversion! Is worth trying, don’t you think?

In the picture: 
bag Liu-Jo (129,00€), top Liu-Jo (95,00€), dress Liu-Jo (199,00€), dress Pinko(365,00€).

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