Scopri perchè le Saucony

Saucony Originals is a collection dedicated to those who loves to be fascinating. Unique in its characteristics and glamorous, absolutely unmisteakable in the middle of other hundred sneakers. Who choses Saucony is a customer always careful to trends, that doesn’t forget quality, looking for something special that brings together also the taste and the style of the old myths of sport. Saucony Originals are incredibly comfortable and incomparably light, perfect for leaving your free time in nature.

If you choose Saucony you can count on a brand with hundred years of tradition, that interprets authentic values. An history with important steps and changes in therms of style, performance and lifestyle.

The spring summer 2017 collection is inspired by, as requested by the trends, to the past values, with a vintage taste, interpreted in an… Original way!

A tradition of hundred years, that interprets authentic values.

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